Easy Access Colonoscopy (EAC) enables healthy, age-appropriate patients to undergo a screening colonoscopy without an initial consultation or visit.

The goal of an EAC is to limit the amount of time you have to spend away from work or home, by minimising the number of specialist appointments you would normally be required attend before undergoing a colonoscopy.

Arranging an Easy Access Colonoscopy

Step 01


You will need a referral from your GP/referring practitioner.

Please forward this to our rooms via either:
Email: admin@drjonathanyong.com.au
Fax: 08 8164 6739

Step 02


Dr Yong will review the referral letter he receives. You are a suitable candidate if your referral states either of the following:

  • Received a positive Faecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT +ve)
  • A family history of bowel cancer
  • A prior history of colonic polyps or bowel cancer, and require surveillance colonoscopy
  • Rectal bleeding and you are over 40 years of age
Step 03

Phone consultation with Dr Yong’s team

Our team will make contact with you to arrange a suitable date and time for your colonoscopy. We will send you simple dietary and bowel preparation instructions to clean the bowel out prior to your colonoscopy, and provide any further guidance required.

*Please call us to ensure your referral has been received if you have not received a response within a week.

Step 04


Dr Yong will meet with you on the day of your colonoscopy to discuss the procedure. After the procedure has been performed, he will review the findings with you and all results and reports will be sent to your referring GP.